Stopping Ball of Foot Pain

What is causing pain in the ball of the foot?

Answer: Usually either

1. Metatarsalgia or

2. Morton's neuroma .

3. Atrophy of the Plantar Fat Pad

Here are easy ways to tell what the problem is:

1. The word ˜metatarsalgia" actually means ball of foot pain .

It feels like an ache in the arch of the foot, or a burning sensation in the ball of the foot. It is a common result of overpronation and weakening of the foot's muscle and ligaments (the soft tissues). That whole dysfunctional behavior of the foot not stepping down properly.

2. Morton's neuroma is usually nerve entrapment between the third and fourth toes. The symptoms can be the same as for metatarsalgia, and can also cause discoloration, tingling, and numbness between the toes.

Now, you probably know what the problem is. What is not readily known is how severe the problem is.


1. For metatarsalgia, it helps to redistribute the weight and pressure over the five metatarsal bones. A heel support can work very well.

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2. If the neuroma has not done much damage to the nerve sheath, heel support will realign the nerve shafts and prevent further problems.

3. For a loss ot fat in the tissue of the ball of the foot, you need cushions.

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If there is a lot of damage already, surgery may be needed.

How to know what the ball of foot pain is for certain? And how serious it is?

See a Podiatrist. Taking action now will prevent further damage, so do not wait.