Surprising Goods On Gout

Seems gout is more prevalent and harder to remedy. Read more here:

The last two decades have seen a remarkable resurgence of gout in the USA, and practitioners are facing increasingly complex, refractory cases in which advanced age, co-morbidities including chronic kidney disease, and concomitant medications impose difficult management decisions,said Robert Terkeltaub, MD, section chief, rheumatology-allergy, VA Medical Center, San Diego; professor of medicine, University of California, San Diego; and an investigator in the study.

Practitioners are further limited by the lack of new FDA-approved therapeutic options for gouty inflammation and hyperuricemia management for patients who present with difficult gout particularly those who have extensive gouty skin and joint deposits of tophi and frequent or persistent inflammation of multiple joints.

Experimental gouty inflammation is clearly IL-1beta-driven, and preliminary studies of gout patients suggest therapeutic benefit of IL-1 receptor antagonism, reinforced by this small pilot study of rilonacept in a group of refractory patients.

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