Tips for Marathon Runners

Marathon Runners' Tips

During the weeks and months before a marathon, you should log your progress.  You will learn how to perform better, and even learn more about yourself. This is the also when you take care of your feet. From footwear to form, every choice you make will impact your success.


  • Cushioned shoes; most running shoes have at least 300+ miles of cushioning.
  • Also have cushioned socks that absorb moisture

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Advancing Mileage

  • Increase distance 10% per week
  • Stretch before and after running
  • A few weeks before the marathon, taper off slightly to allow nuscles and ligaments healing time.


  • Practice drinking and eating while running
  • Honey packets and gels with energy-packed nutrients are good

After Running:

  • Stretch
  • Massage
  • Bland food

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