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History of Ugg Boots

History of Ugg Boots

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Uggs: Gotta have 'em!uggboot

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The Ugg boot has an interesting history , and with its numerous designs and thermodynamic benefits, proves to consistently remain a top choice to keep feet in fashionable comfort even during the most unpleasant conditions. While stilettos, platforms and wedges are must-haves to pump up that strut, Uggs has been making its way rapidly off the shelves for years, not merely for its chic visage but for its ultimate feature: comfort.

Made of genuine sheepskin , Ugg boots have long been popular in Australia and New Zealand , especially in rural areas where people have easy access to its primary raw material. Uggs were initially worn by farmers during winters . “Ugg” is the generic term that refers to these shearling stompers that have been made in Australia for almost 200 years. However, it was during World War 1 and 2 that Ugg boots became globally in demand after aviators began using these boots to keep their feet warm in high altitudes .trimmeduggboot

The woolen inner lining of the boot naturally warms the feet and allows air circulation to keep away moisture. It insulates the feet during cold weather and cools them during warmer conditions. They are designed to be worn without socks to boost the natural insulating property of the sheepskin. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Ugg boots began to be advertised outside of Australia.

Surfers from Down Under rode the waves of the United States and sported the boots to keep their feet warm between stretches. In this initial display of beauty and function, the popularity of the Ugg boots gained ground and it soared in the subsequent years. The name “Ugg” is said to be a short for ‘ugly.’ Nevertheless, it has become a renowned trademark of this prized footwear, and is patronized by the glamorous trendsetters in the fashion and entertainment industry.

In 1999, Ugg Australia of the American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation made these boots very popular in the global market, with Hollywood stars flaunting Ugg boots. They have been worn by celebs like Pamela Anderson in the hit television show Baywatch , and Kate Hudson in the 2004 film Raising Helen .  

This casual footwear has evolved to the status of stylish boots that come in the most elegant to the most flashy hues, with modish designs and embellishments. Synthetic and faux fur versions of Ugg boots have invaded the market but none has captured the softness and the comfort of authentic ones.brownuggs

In keeping with the dernier cri, comfort should have an equal footing in choosing the best cushions for our trudges. Sporting your Ugg boots, you exude the luxury of ease while staying in vogue. has a huge selection of Uggs for any season; FREE SHIPPING and returns for 365 days, or one year, whichever comes first. : ) Ugg Boots

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