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Achilles Tendon Repair

Ball of Foot Pain

Brachymetatarsia (Shortened Toe)

Diabetics and Choosing Shoes

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Foot Massage  (plantar fascia stretch)

Foot Pain

Foot Pain Treatment with In-Home Ultrasound


Heel Pain

Honey Treatments Heal Wounds

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Magnetic Therapy For Diabetic Neuropathy

Morton's Neuroma Treated Without Surgery

Plantar Fasciitis Mayo Clinic Update

Tarsal Tunnel Test

Toe Pain (hallux limitus)

Top of Foot Pain

 Infants and Children

 Babies and Children:  What a podiatrist's examination can tell you


Benefits of a Podiatric Exam for Children

Children and Flat Feet

Children and Foot Pain

Choosing Children's Shoes; views by a Podiatrist


Growing Pain?  Doctor discusses children's foot pain

Pigeon Toes (Intoeing)

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Artemis Woman Heel  Smoother

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FitFlops Review

Foot Pillows  with Sculptra injections

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Going Green  Natalie Portman Shoes

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High Heel Race New York City March of Dimes Benefit

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Paris Hilton Shoe line


Sex and the City Shoes                                                 Blue Uggs


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