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Yoga Toes Are Over-Hyped

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This is the original post about yoga toes; a lot of opinions have been tossed around since then so we have compiled the conversation here. At first we were not believers, but after reading what users have to say about them, and even Dr. Oz, well, fair is fair. We still maintain they don't alter bones, but the ability to help stretch muscles and soft tissue makes sense. Read on...

Yoga Toes are simply gel forms placed between the toes ; it is recommended to wear them about an hour a day. They stretch and spread the toes.

User reviews on Amazon.com:

I wear these every night and after I take them off my toes are so straight and perfect. I have no feet problems. I wear them to pervent damage to my feet. I wear alot of heels!
After spending hours in uncomfortable shoes or on one's feet in inappropriate footwear, I have no doubt Yoga Toes feel soothing.

Been wearing yoga toes for a few years now. Wore high heels everyday for 10 years working retail and started developing a bunion. I gave up the heels and started using these and now my feet are back to normal and no longer look like a Barbie doll foot. Amazing product!

This is a great product. The yoga toes help realign my feet and help releve pain from bunions. Love em!

There is a free way to help feet feel refreshed and challenged ; just grab a towel, and with your bare feet try to wad it up, pass it back and forth, rotate your ankles, etc. This exercise is very helpful using different muscles and improving circulation.

The sellers of Yoga Toes say that the product stretches and strengthens foot muscles. They do not say which muscles are strengthened. What is implied however, is not only untrue, but could be harmful. There is a "before" drawing (not an actual photograph) of a misshapen foot in a sandal. Next is a bare foot encased in a Yoga Toe; and finally, a normal foot, the "after" drawing of a foot. Nothing is actually stated, but the implication of Yoga Toes improving feet in ways they really can not, is obvious.

Next, read the reviews page. Some comments seem genuinely realistic, offered by helpful customers. The problems arise with the unreal and incredible claims made that simple gel inserts can straighten BONES. Several people write that they saw their feet actually become straight, and in days.

The website prints all these reviews without setting the record straight. There were no disclaimers I could find regarding the ability of Yoga Toes to repair bones, only the misleading pictures and reviews. There is no way a gel insert placed between toes can repair a bunion or a hammertoe . If you believe that, I have some magic beans...

Want REAL foot pain relief?  Trust doctors, not hype.

Yoga Toes Part Two

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Next, Dr. Oz recommended Yoga Toes on his TV show.  The gist is the stretching capability is beneficial to relieve bunion pain after standing all day, or having your feet crammed into heels. Severe foot pain and.or deformities are another matter.


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