Yoga Toes Review Part 2

The "Yoga Toes review "search continues;   there seems to be a lot of people trying to relieve foot pain, and they must be wondering:

  1. Do Yoga Toes work?
  2. Are Yoga Toes worth the price?


The first review on May 11 was fair, IMHO.  There is no doubt that Yoga Toes could feel good to wear because of the toe stretch they induce.  Plus you get to sit around (Yoga Toes are not to be worn while walking).  But to actually change the shape of a foot?

There was a local news story about them, and I was pretty amazed to see a female attorney interviewed who thought her deformed feet were going to straighten by wearing gel pads.

Don't get me wrong; I wish they would work.  I have a bunion of my own that I would wish away for $40!  But wishing won't make it happen.

Do people believe in Yoga Toes because they think they are like braces worn on teeth?  Then there's the name "Yoga" thrown in; what do these have to do with Yoga?  I keep picturing some out of shape person lying on a sofa..."Look, I'm working out my feet with these Yoga Toes.  Working real hard."

A Yoga Toe Athlete:

Ask any Podiatrist or Orthopedist:  rigid bone deformities will not correct in this manner.  But there is nothing wrong with spreading your toes; it feels good.  You just don't have to spend that kind of money!  Here are some great products according to people who have used them and shared their reviews on

Bunions have made doing any kind of exercise without shoes on (or without those prescription insoles) mostly impossible because of balance issues. I don't have too much pain from my bunions, thank god, but they have made doing some activities pretty difficult, especially yoga, which has been the only form of exercise that I've ever enjoyed. Since I have limited mobility in my big toe, I can't use it to balance like most people can, and this became a problem when I did yoga because I would just keep on falling over, and doing balancing positions seemed to make the bunion worse because it meant more time was spent in the misaligned position. This is where the Bunion Aid comes in. I started wearing it to classes, and it has made the biggest difference! I can balance, I don't have to constantly re-position my toes, and the hinge offers enough rotation to do most positions comfortably. It does get pretty sweaty, but the cloth parts are pretty small so washing is not an issue.

As the title suggests, there is a false claim, in my opinion - the one regarding wearing it inside your shoes. Unless you are wearing massive shoes that are 3 sizes too big and too wide for you, you will not fit this contraption inside your shoes in any comfortable way.

I have a number of joint issues that make it very painful for me to walk without wearing custom orthotics and shoes. The SmartToes Ultimate Toe Stretchers enable me to walk around barefoot with almost no pain.